Friday, February 1, 2008


Taking a note from Christian on Project Runway, I'm calling this post Fierce. The clothing on this show I really like. I haven't seen Lipstick Jungle yet, obviously, but I really like the clothes and forgive me, fierceness, of each character in her own way. I'm not a big fan of the "oh me, I hate how guys don't like working with females," conversations, but maybe I'm too new to this game and maybe it does actually play out like they say. Either way, I do appreciate their friendships and individual struggles to gain control of a marriage, juggle marriage/parenthood and work, to figure out her sexuality and how to be on top while maintaining her femininity in the workplace. It's an interesting juggle for each of them and as long as the writers maintain their friendships and individual strengths I think this show could evolve into a great new series for females and males.

Here are some pictures taken of the cast. I hope you enjoy their attires as much as I do and maybe you'll even find yourself labeling yourself as one of these characters like we all did with Sex and the City- come on, you know you did it, too. Have a great weekend everyone!

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