Friday, March 7, 2008

New York Society

Tinsley Mortimer, born Tinsley Randolph Mercer, is widely becoming known as The New York woman about town and it doesn't hurt that her ancestors include Thomas Jefferson and John Mercer.

Short bio: After graduating from Columbia University with an art history major, Tinsley quickly started attending the social scenes in NY. Mrs. Mortimer married Rober Livingston Mortimer, aka Topper, in 2002 (the pair married earlier at 18, but the marriage was later annulled).

So, why do you need to know her name? Because in 2006 Tinsley created a handbag line, in Summer 2007 she became the Beauty Ambassador of Dior and in the fall of 2007 she created a clothing line, Riccimie, which is sold exclusively in Japan. She is what upper society calls a social triple threat - she's beautiful, wealthy and intelligent - and now she has gone global.

So, take note and remember the name. Currently she is highlighted in Harper's Bazaar this month in Chez Mortimer. It's a beautiful house, and only furthers my belief that blue is the It color for interior decorating. Love it! Also, if you want to see Tinsley through the ages, check out New York Social Diary. Patrick has captured her pictures throughout the years and it's interesting to see her age through the pictures, (not as if she gets any older) but to see her own sense of style and ease in front of the camera come together.

Tinsley in Versace, Tinsley and Topper

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