Thursday, November 8, 2007

Turning Point

Last night my life changed rather abruptly, although I can't say that I didn't know that it was coming, but I am still nevertheless thrown off by it. I won't go into the details because who cares about those? But, I will say that it has slightly changed my outlook on my life and in particular my future. Today is an important day for me because its the first day of a new me. I was trying to think of what I could use to visualize how I'm feeling today. So, I thought that some pictures of open windows would be poignant because that's how I feel - like I'm standing in front of an open window. Still in the same place, but now that window is open for me and I have the choice to stay or leave. So, here are some images of windows that I found. I will add some of my own images later.

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