Tuesday, July 29, 2008


B.R. short sleeve belted sweater, white $64

I'm in the mood for fall and it's a little cold in the office today - so here are the wraps, shrugs, cardians, whatever you call them that I have set out to buy at some point between now and fall. I think whites and grays and golds all look great together, hence the lack of color in this post, so that's what I'll be aiming to wear to work. Looks boring, but can easily be swapped with other outfits for increased wearability. These are all from Banana Republic because who doesn't have a B.R. near them?

B.R. ribbed oversized shrug sweater, gray $79

B.R. long-sleeved crewneck cardigan, white (sale!) $48.30

B.R. long-sleeved wrap cardigan, gray $59

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Pink Flamingo said...

The short sleeve belted sweater is ADORABLE!!