Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Royalty for the 20-somthing's

Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi- the granddaughter of American Actress Grace Kelly and the daughter of HSH Princess Caroline of Monaco. Ok now everyone take note. This will be the new Princess of our generation. She has the looks, the money and the name to make people stop and take notice. Already called one of the great icons of our time by Harper's Bazaar, she has been named the muse of Karl Lagerfeld, who compared her to Brigitte Bardot... when she was only eight.

Charlotte is popular with the fashion industry and many are stopping to notice this beautiful and soon to be well-known girl. She is currently 21 and is already building up quite the closet for herself. Imagine growing up in Monaco; the beach, the parties, the glitz, the glam. Now imagine you're born into the royal family there. Just imagine what your closet would look like.

Charlotte is living this life. It's amazing to think that she's managed to stay so under the radar up to this point. Also worth noting, are Charlotte's two brothers. Andrea and Pierre are taking the world by storm, one party at a time. They are certainly enjoying their time and money with their long beach-blown hair, it's impossible to think these three beauties came from the same parents.

Anyways, for those of you in your 20's, remember her name. She will eventually step out into the limelight one day and will become the fetish of all worldly women. Everything she wears is immaculate and definitely worth mimicing.

Charlotte in 2004 with her mother, Charlotte in 2006 with Karl Lagerfeld, Charlotte in 2007

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suburban prep said...

She looks so much like her mother.