Thursday, December 13, 2007

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers


Hydrangea - Most popular in shades of bubble-gum pink and sky blue.

Season: July-November

Colors: white, green, pink, burgundy, purple, blue

Scent: none

Meaning: devotion, remembrance, boastfulness



Dahlia - Conquistadors found the Dahlia in the gardens of the Aztecs and caused a sensation when they brought it back to Europe.

Season: summer - early fall

Colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple

Scent: spicy

Meaning: gratitute, dignity, forever thine



Hyacinth - In ancient mythology, Hyacinthus was a figure in a tale of tragic love. Today, known as a fragrant signature of spring. Strong scent - a few mixed with other flowers, goes a long way in a centerpiece.

Season: November - May

Colors: white, yellow, peach, pale pink, fuschia, lavender, purple, blue

Scent: very sweet, stronger as florets open

Meaning: benevolence, play


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