Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flower Week!

This week I am dedicating my blog to flowers. These are some of my favorite flowers for bouquets, centerpieces and weddings.


Stephanotis - the star-shaped, waxy florets grow on a flowering view and each must be individually wired or placed onto a special holder before it can be used.

Season: year-round

Colors: white

Scent: slight to non

Meaning: will you accompany me?; marital happiness


Phlox - originated in Asia for more than a thousand years and was developed further by the French. The peony is a cherished wedding flower and is available in two main types: the herbaceous and the tree peony.

Season: spring, imported; scentless veriety available in the fall and winter

Colors: white, cream, peach, pink, burgundy

Scent: sweet and mild to very aromatic.

Meaning: beauty, welcome, bashfulness

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace - Known for the flower head's similar appearance to lace.

Season: spring- early fall

Colors: white, green

Scent: grassy

Meaning: haven, protection

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