Monday, November 19, 2007

gobble, gobble

I spent the morning enjoying a blog called, Hostess With The Mostess. It is fantastic. I found some great ideas for the upcoming holidays, how I want to create a bridal shower theme and I'm still reading through the recipe ideas. I could really spend the rest of the day there. I suggest you check it out (if you have the time because there's so much to see!). Above and below are some of Jenn's, the editor, ideas for decorating your table at Thanksgiving and in Autumn. I know that autumn is basically over, but I thought it was really cute and could easily be transitioned into a winter theme by changing the colors (silver, light blue and dark blue) and by replacing the centerpieces below with clear vases filled with snowflakes (cut-out or bought), snowmen, etc. I also thought it would be really fun to fill the centerpieces with marshmallows, fruits, breads, etc. all on sticks and have the centerpiece be a chocolate fondue set. Then everyone can eat the centerpieces and all you're left with is the vase they were all sitting in. Anyways, go to the website- it will trigger the party-planning, creative side of you.

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