Thursday, November 29, 2007

About Me...

I got this idea from Nicole Hill. I though it was a fun and creative way to show my personality other than through my daily posts on my blog. So, here we go!

Movies I watch over and over
*The American President
*Under The Tuscan Sun
*Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Fave reads old and new
*Eat Pray Love - LOVED it, can't wait to read it again!
*any Jodi Picoult
*any Danielle Steel - currently, Coming Out

Fave things I like to do
*talking to friends from college about their upcoming weddings
*planning my future wedding
*reading really good blogs

Places I've lived
*Columbus & Indianapolis, Indiana
*Memphis, Tennessee
*South Kensington (Chelsea), London- summer abroad
*Minneapolis, Minnesota

Favorite things to eat/drink/make
*guacamole dip w/ chips
*good salad w/ avocados, blue cheese, bacon- yum!
*bloody mary- spicy and peppery
*martini - with lots of olives dropped in it
*French Fries from Burger King
*Root Beer Float

Places I'd rather be
*Palm Beach
*Southern California

Words I like the sound of

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