Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Top Scents for Winter 2008

Top left: Oiseau – The Charmer (sold at Anthropologie); Top right: Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb; Bottom: Rock & Rose by Valentino

My favorite scents for Winter 2008
My favorite scent lately has been Oiseau – The Charmer. It comes in a perfect little bottle with a pink ribbon tied on to the lid. It’s great if you’re into layering your scent. I like that I can put some on and then add a little more later and it’s not overpowering. I have been searching for a scent to call my own for the past year and I think this is it. It’s perfect for day and night. The great thing about it is that it’s only $28 at Anthropologie. I have some close friends that buy the expensive designer brand fragrances for waaaay more than they really should and I found them sneaking sprays of The Charmer during our last trip together. It's fantastic!

I have also discovered Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. This is a scent that is perfect for night and goes well with a low-cut black dress. I am really enjoying this scent for date nights and evening parties. It is being described as a floral explosion, and I agree except that explosion seems to evoke a sense of over powering the nose – and it doesn’t do that. Check it out.

The third runner-up is Rock & Rose by Valentino. This is another great scent that is perfect for the late afternoon/evening. It is a little stronger, but doesn’t leave the lingering smell of “I was in the elevator ten minutes ago and everyone can still smell me in there.” Light and great when paired with a cocktail dress.

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Anonymous said...

hi. i love the charmer scent too and im looking for where i can purchase more fragrance or lotion. do you know of anywhere besides anthropologie?